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Dancing in the Mist


Shisha Happy Hours

Everyday | 7 pm to 10 pm
30% OFF on All Beverages


Happy Hours

Everyday | 7 pm to 10 pm
30% OFF on All Beverages

07-03-24 - HAPPY HOURS DRINKS.png

Tequila Arriba
Premium Tequila

All Day Offer
6 shots for 249 AED  |  12 shots for 499 AED


Food Festival

House Wine Bottle
(red, rose or white) for 269 AED
+ Lava Shrimps, Smoked Salmon, Margherita Pizza or Chicken Wings

Prosecco Sparkling Wine Bottle
for 399 AED
+ Margherita Pizza, Crisps, Chocolate Platter or Strawberry Platter

food fest.jpg

Towers of Terror

Try the "Towers of Terror" and find out if you can handle our mix. Warning: These drinks are strong and can make you drunk quickly. Disclaimer: You have been warned.

Choose from BullFrog, Long Beach Tea, Adios Motherfckr, or Long Island Iced Tea

1.5 Ltrs - 400aed | 2 Ltrs - 500 aed
2.5 Ltrs    - 600 aed | 3 Ltrs - 700 aed

04-05-24 - TOWERS PROMO.jpg


This limited-time offer starts when a timer appears on Amadeus's Screen and ends when the timer finishes.

Single Shot for 35 AED
24 Shots for 480 AED


drunk time.jpg

Get a spacial treatment by booking your table ahead of time. Our team will hold your table until the time of your arrival.

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